Expect tighter screening at the airport this Thanksgiving .

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Tighter screening regulations at the airport could cause you unexpected delays if you’re not ready for them, officials said Tuesday.

There are no changes to what travelers are allowed to bring through the security checkpoint, but you can expect to remove more items from your carry-on bags when they’re screened.

Any electronics larger than a cell phone will have to be removed from your luggage prior to screening and placed in bins with nothing on top of or beneath them so they can be screened.

Don’t be surprised if a TSA agent suggests removing food from carry-on bags as well.

Though removing food from the check-on bag is not required, it “helps x-ray operators get a clearer view of the contents of the bag,” Carrie Harmon, TSA Regional Public Affairs manager, said in a prepared statement.

The changes do not affect those who have signed up for TSA’s pre-check program, but if that lane is closed even those travelers will have to go through the screening process.

These procedures have been around since last month at Eisenhower National Airport, but airport officials used Tuesday as a refresher with busy travel days coming up.

The tighter screening practices mean travelers will want to pack electronics and snacks where they’ll be easy to reach in the screening line. That will make for fewer delays on what are typically among the busiest travel days of the year.

Based on tickets already booked, nearly 7,000 passengers are expected on the day before Thanksgiving and the Sunday after the holiday, said Valerie Wise, air service and marketing manager for the Wichita Airport Authority.

There are a few more things travelers can do to minimize the potential for delays at the airport:

If you have a tablet, keyboard for your tablet or smartphone e-reader, or large camera, you’ll be asked to put them in a bin.

Make sure your electronics are charged before you leave for the airport. You may be asked to turn them on to prove they are what they appear to be.

Put your name and contact information on your electronics just in case you somehow become separated from them at the airport.

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